The Proton Effect exists to help in the treatment and care of cancer sufferers in the Wyre Forest District. Our aim is to help by providing financial assistance, funding or support when it is not available or cannot be provided by the national health service or other statutory authorities.



the proton effect / how we help

Can’t get all the funding you need from the NHS?
The Proton Effect raises money to support and financially help cancer sufferers in the Wyre Forest district.

Is this just about Proton Beam therapy?
Well, no.  In fact in recent cancer plans it has been recognised that NHS funds must be available for this highly specialised treatment. The Proton Effect can get involved for other cancers and treatments.

Here’s how we’ve helped

The Proton Effect has contributed towards travel costs, accommodation, fees, treatment and equipment.
You can ask us for help, or preferably be referred by your local GP practice.

Not sure you’re eligible for help?
If you’re a resident of Wyre Forest and need funds or support for cancer treatment that the NHS can’t help with, it’s always worth a phone call or email to see if we can help.  Or ask your GP’s surgery to get in touch. We don’t expect your surgery to give us any of your personal information or your medical records, but they are in a position to advise how we might be of help to you.

Dr Richard Taylor endorsed our fundraising for Jackie Jennings and added:
“…now The Proton Effect can direct its energies to help other deserving local people.
I will support their efforts in any way I can.”  (click for Dr Taylor’s letter)